About me

"Children are one-third of our population and all of our future." This is the quote I had learned since many years ago.That's why since young, my ambition already been set to be a teacher.

I'm starting my 6th year of teaching Bahasa Inggeris, but it is the 1st time that I actually feel the positive affects of repeating a grade with very similar scope and sequence of units in subject areas! I cannot believe how much better I am teaching! Imagine how great I would be if I were, able to continue to teach and improve the units for a few more years.

So far, the year had started out busy. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, that's why I am keep on thinking a lot of ways to help my students to improve improve and improve.

The purpose of creating this blog instead of is a part of my study subject, is also to share with public a lot of useful information- ABM/other methods that could help children nowadays to learn widely. Besides, facing textbook everyday, we could also use some technologies ways such like youtube, online education games, online story books and etc to learn more and more knowledge that without written clearly in text books.

I hope you all cherish this moments with me too :)
Appreciate what we have, Appreciate the technologies that created for us,
Appreciate the wonderful world where a lot of "wordy" we need to learn and use everyday.

English is not as scary as how you feel.
Is interesting and amazing.
A word - "book" can have a lot of meaning.
Example: " I book two movie tickets today." or " I read two story books a day"

Memorable stories during Teaching journey