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A sentence expresses a complete thought or idea and contains a subject and a predicate 
(a verb). When a sentence is unfinished, either because it is missing a subject or verb, or
because it lacks the information needed to express the thought, it is a sentence fragment.
For each of the following, write S on the line if it is a complete sentence. Write F if it
is a sentence fragment.

1. ___ Long, long ago, in a faraway land.
2. ___ There lived a princess named Gretchen.
3. ___ The most beautiful girl in the land.
4. ___ She was still very unhappy.
5. ___ Her 21st birthday was approaching.
6. ___ Her twin brother, Prince Reginald, would become king.
7. ___ She would have to marry King Jomen of Far Land.
8. ___ A very cruel and unkind man.
9. ___ She decided to run away and formed an excellent plan.
10. ___ The plan required the help of her friends, Grumpy and Happy.
11. ___ They were eager to help, as they did not like the idea of their friend being
             unhappy for the rest of her life.
12. ___ She disguised herself as a maid and left the palace.
13. ___ Unfortunately, her brother saw her and thought she was being kidnapped.
14. ___ Set out to rescue her.
15. ___ She ran until she reached Near Land.
16. ___ A happy and somewhat silly place full of very silly people.
17. ___ When Prince Reginald reached Near Land.
18. ___ She agreed to go home when he promised that when he became king, he would 

             not make her marry anybody.



1. F
2. S
3. F
4. S
5. S
6. S
7. S
8. F
9. S
10. S
11. S
12. S
13. S
14. F
15. S
16. F
17. F
18. S
Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs with special meaning (part 2)

Here have listed verbs with adverbs and prepositions. 
These verbs have a special meaning, therefore we have 
used them in sentences.

idle away
Don't idle the whole day away.
insist (on)
He insisted on it.
invite over
Let's invite them over for dinner.
jump in(to)
I just jumped into the pool and had a refreshing swim.
keep at
I need to keep at this.
keep off
Please keep off the lawn.
keep on
(1) It's a little chilly in here, so I better keep my coat on.
(2) Just keep on practicing your scales by simply playing them up and down.
keep out (of)
(1) Keep out of this and mind your own business.
(2) My door is closed. Keep out!
knock off
Knock it off!
lead up to
(1) A narrow path leads up to his cabin.
(2) She was just leading up to something when he interrupted.
leak out
I hope that news does not leak out.
leave out (of)
Leave me out of it, please.
leave up to
They left this decision up to me.
let down
I won't let you down again.
let in
Don't let strangers in.
let on (about)
I promised I wouldn't let on about her new job.
let up
The storm has let up.
lie down
I need to lie down and take a little nap.
light up
We lighted the house up with the headlights of our automobile.
lighten up
Hey, lighten up a little. Enjoy the day.
line up
Everyone, please line up.
live up to
That meal did not live up to my expectations.
look back (at/on)
When I look back on him, I am amazed at all he has accomplished.
look in (on)
I will look in on him from time to time.
look out (for)
Look out for that car!
look up to
She is glad they look up to her.
loom up
An old cottage loomed up in the distance.
loosen up
Relax and loosen yourself up.
make out
Can you make out what she is saying?
make out with
There are hot pictures of him making out with a nun.
make up
(1) Did she make up the clowns yet?
(2) I made up that story.
(3) I'm sorry, but you can't make up that test you missed.
(4) Class participation will make up 25% of your final grade.
(5) They kissed and made up.
(6) Do you think I would make this up?
march on
Time marches on.
mark down
Pineapples are marked down again.
mark up
Watermelons are marked up again.
mess up
(1) He messed up his room.
(2) The dirty water messed my pants up.
(3) Losing my job really messed my life up.
move in(to)
I moved into a new apartment last month.
move on (to)
(1) The officer stopped for a minute, asked some questions, and then moved on.
(2) Alright, let's move on to our next point.
move out (of)
I moved out of my old apartment last month.
move up (to)
How long will it be before they can move her up?
nail up
(1) Please nail this picture up.
(2) Who nailed up the door? I can't get out.
open up
They opened up the border a few weeks ago.
order in(to)
The officer ordered me in.
pass away/on
Her uncle passed away last summer.
pass out
(1) Don't drink until you pass out.
(2) Please can you pass these handouts out to everyone?
pay off
The time I spent in this project didn't pay off.
pick up
(1) Relax. I will pick her up from school.
(2) Help me pick up this guy from the sidewalk, will you?
(3) The storm picked up about midnight.
(4) I picked up a little French while I was in Quebec.
pile up
Exams are piling up on my desk.
plan out
They met and planned out their strategy.
play along
The guy with the guitar came in and played along.
point out
That's exactly what I pointed out earlier.
pop up
I don't know where he's going to pop up next.
power up
Okay, let's power up the engine and get going.
pull in(to)
A stranger just pulled into our driveway.
pull up
He reached down and pulled her up.
put across to
How can I best put this across to them?
put on
(1) Don't put your brother on.
(2) Don't you have some clothes to put on?
put off (until)
Can't you just put this off until tomorrow?
put together
We put a team together on very short notice.
put up with
I just don't know why I even put up with you.
quiet down
(1) Try to quiet him down.
(2) Ask him to quiet down.
rattle off
She rattled off the long list of names.
reach out
I reached out, but there was nothing I could get hold of.
read over / through
Please read this text over and tell me what is about.
rely (up)on
Can we rely on you in this case?
ride out
Things are rough around here, but I think I can ride it out.
rub away
I used that towel to rub away the dirt on my shoes.
rule on
When will the court rule on your decision?
run away
The cat ran away from me.
run down
It appears that the car ran s.o. down.
run off
I ran off as fast as I could.
run off with
The kidnappers ran off with her little daughter.
run over
(1) He ran over his neighbor's cat.
(2) I ran over the time allotted for the presentation.
run out of
I'm afraid we ran out of milk and cookies.
rush in(to)
Don't rush into this job.