Wednesday, 7 December 2011


1. He go skating because he broke his leg.

2. Many children in Britain wear school uniforms.

3. I'm not sure but Jane come to visit me this afternoon.

4. Didn´t you see the sign? You drive more than 30 miles.

5. He speaks a lot of languages but he speak Chinese.

6. It snow. It looks like it.

7. You drive on the right in Britain.

8. He is a good boxer. You be careful.

9. You to smoke in the office.

10. This test will be very difficult. So you learn a lot.

11. You eat more vegetables because they are healthy.

12. I don't the car. You can take it.

13. He does everything himself. He no help.

14. It`s going to rain. You shut the window.

15. You start a fire in the forest.