Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Vocabulary (1.2)
Underline the correct answer.

I bought flowers from the ( cobbler , florist , carpenter )
for my mother.
We flew on an ( aeroplane , train , ship ) from Singapore to Japan.
Every morning, the ( bus , garbage truck , taxi ) comes to collect
 the rubbish from my block of flats.
( Potatoes , Tomatoes , Onions ) are used to make french fries.
My brother goes to a ( barber , tailor , clerk ) to have his hair cut.
Monkeys love to eat ( papayas , apples , bananas ).
At the supermarket checkout counter, my sister paid the
( teller , salesgirl , cashier ) for the fruits we bought.
The ( salesgirl , manager , cashier ) at the book shop helped
me find this book.
Salads are a mixture of ( meats , fishes , vegetables ).
England is the most beautiful ( country , city , town ) I have visited.


Learn to pronounce name of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and Fruits 

Hello, Good morning ^^ 
Today I go to supermarkets to buy some stuff...
I saw a lot of cute and chubby kid, they are so talent in pronouncing their favorite vegetables and fruits to their parents, and made their parents laugh happily. 

To learn more on the name of vegetables and fruits, 
Below is the video to share with you all.. 
So that you know how to spell it and pronounce it accurately.. 

Kids are you ready to learn on it ? 

Please do free to leave comment, if you found that is interesting? or any suggestion to me what you all interested to learn with?