Sunday, 20 November 2011


A sentence expresses a complete thought or idea and contains a subject and a predicate 
(a verb). When a sentence is unfinished, either because it is missing a subject or verb, or
because it lacks the information needed to express the thought, it is a sentence fragment.
For each of the following, write S on the line if it is a complete sentence. Write F if it
is a sentence fragment.

1. ___ Long, long ago, in a faraway land.
2. ___ There lived a princess named Gretchen.
3. ___ The most beautiful girl in the land.
4. ___ She was still very unhappy.
5. ___ Her 21st birthday was approaching.
6. ___ Her twin brother, Prince Reginald, would become king.
7. ___ She would have to marry King Jomen of Far Land.
8. ___ A very cruel and unkind man.
9. ___ She decided to run away and formed an excellent plan.
10. ___ The plan required the help of her friends, Grumpy and Happy.
11. ___ They were eager to help, as they did not like the idea of their friend being
             unhappy for the rest of her life.
12. ___ She disguised herself as a maid and left the palace.
13. ___ Unfortunately, her brother saw her and thought she was being kidnapped.
14. ___ Set out to rescue her.
15. ___ She ran until she reached Near Land.
16. ___ A happy and somewhat silly place full of very silly people.
17. ___ When Prince Reginald reached Near Land.
18. ___ She agreed to go home when he promised that when he became king, he would 

             not make her marry anybody.



1. F
2. S
3. F
4. S
5. S
6. S
7. S
8. F
9. S
10. S
11. S
12. S
13. S
14. F
15. S
16. F
17. F
18. S

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