Tuesday, 6 December 2011


1. George has travelled a lot. He speak many languages.

2. I can hear you quite well. You not shout.

3. I´m not sure where I will go for my holidays but I go to Italy.

4. She ride her bike at night without lights. It's not allowed.

5. She not eat so much chocolate because it's bad for her figure.

6. I understand him.He should speak louder.

7. It's later than I thought. I go now.

8. You a better trainer if you want to improve yourself.

9. Talk to Ann about your problems. I'm sure she help you.

10. You not vacuum the carpets, Carol has already done it.

11. You be tired because you have worked very hard.

12. He come to my party because he is ill.

13. He go to the dentist when he has toothache.

14. It's not very important. You not do it now. You do it tomorrow.

15. you speak many languages?

16. I don't know what I'm doing this weekend but I go to London.

17. Smoking is very unhealthy. You stop it.

18. Playing football in this park.

19. You have got plenty of time. You not hurry.

20. You have a passport to visit most foreign countries.

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