Monday, 28 November 2011

Simple Sentences
Simple sentences are independent clauses.
They contain a subject and a predicate.
(Part 2)

    Rule 3: Simple sentences can be declarative or interrogative.
         e.g:  You can shop at the mall on the weekend. (declarative)
                 Can you shop at the mall on the weekend? (interrogative)

Exercise B. Identify the subject and predicate in these simple sentences.
Circle the simple subject and underline the simple predicate.

            1. Who can tell me the answer to the question about the Civil War?

            2. The boy in the third row explained the role of slavery in the Civil War.
      3. Several of the students were thinking about the final examinations in the
       history course.

4.   Which of the following words in this list have been misspelled?

5.   Did Mary have time to call her brother this morning?

       6. One of her younger cousins is having a birthday next Saturday.

       7. Will you share your lunch with the new girl in class?

        8. On Fridays, we usually go to the movies in the afternoon with my little
            nephew, Jerry.

        9. Where in the world did your sister put her purse and car keys?

       10. When are you planning to come home from summer camp?

Answer Key

Exercise B

(subject / verb)

1. who / can tell

2. boy / explained

3. several / were thinking

4. which / have been misspelled

5. Mary / did have

6. one / is having

7. you / will share

8. we / go

9. sister / did put

10. you / are planning

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