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Simple Sentences
Simple sentences are independent clauses.
They contain a subject and a predicate.
(part 1)

Rule 1: Simple sentences can be very short, consisting of only one word
            (a noun) for the subject and one word (a verb) for the predicate.
            The noun is called the simple subject, and the verb is the simple   
   e.g:  John laughed.

Rule 2:  Simple sentences can be long, although they still consist of one 
               subject (a noun and modifiers) and one predicate 
               (a verb and other elements).            
              The noun is called the simple subject, and the verb is the simple  
e.g: The tall, good-looking boy with the curly blond hair laughed uproariously
       at his best friend’s suggestion.

Exercise A. Identify the subject and predicate in these simple sentences.
Circle the simple subject and underline the simple predicate.

1. My best friend in the whole world is coming over to my house to visit me
this afternoon.

2. Three beautiful little kittens looked up at me from inside a box of old

3. At the stroke of midnight, the carriage turned into a huge orange pumpkin.

4. A really friendly old man with long white whiskers lives in the apartment
above my aunt’s and uncle’s apartment.

5. Several of her favourite romantic love songs were playing on the radio that 
afternoon in the park.

6. Cool, deep, dark blue water flowed through the rough limestone rocks in
the gorge.

7. One-hundred fifty-five dollars is certainly a lot of money for a young
     person living with his or her parents.

8. The large red book sitting on the hall table was a dictionary published by
     an encyclopedia company in the United States.

9. The three girls carried back packs filled with books, food, candy, clothes,
     make-up, pens, paper, hairbrushes, and other assorted items.

10. I don’t remember the name of that tall, thin actor with the sparkling blue

Answer Key

Exercise A

(subject / verb)

1. friend / is coming

2. kittens / looked

3. carriage / turned

4. man / lives

5. several / were playing

6. water / flowed

7. dollars / is

8. book / was

9. girls / carried

10. I / do remember

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