Friday, 4 November 2011

Paper Fan

A fan is the ideal thing to have when you are sweating on a bright sunny summer day.

All you need is:
1. Paper
2. One strand from the broom stick
3. Colours

Step 1: Fan fold the paper as shown in the figure.

Step 2: Again fold it from the centre and stick the inner leaves of the paper with each other.

Step 3: Break two sticks from the end of the broom stick and stick it to the fan
            as shown in the picture. This will make it easier to hold and to fan.

Paper Fan, Art & Craft for Kids: 57_3.gif
Use bright colours to colour your fan and carry it with you as it is likely
to come in quite handy.

Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame
How do we make sure that our favourite person stays by our side at most times?
Simple - we frame their photographs and keep them in a place where we can
always see them. What fun if we could make the photo frames too!
And it is not at all difficult.

The things you need:
1. Ice Cream sticks.
2. Colours.
3. Thick string or wire.

Step 1 Collect around 15 ice cream sticks. For the base of the frame,
            stick the ice cream sticks as shown in the picture.


Step 2 Leave half-an-inch space from all the sides and glue four sticks on the
           base to make the upper layer of the frame.  
Step 3 Slide the photograph through the gap.
Step 4 Take a thick wire or a string to make a loop. Stick the two ends of the loop
            at the back of the frame. You can now hang your photo frame.
You can draw a variety of patterns on the side of your photo frame with the help of crayons.

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